I Would Say, I have a Problem.. Of Some Sorts

Received this HP Pavilion p6750f yesterday, and there is a problem with sound...not my hearing..the computer. I'm using my older Polka Audio speakers (2) that are not powered. Just the 1/8" pin type. The Windows 7 setup went very well, and no problems until I found there was no sound from the speakers. Rechecked to make sure I had connected to the correct (line green) port on the rear of the PC. I turned up the volume to 100% and still no sound. Today, I went to HP Help & Support to get the leatest software/drivers. That didn't work, so, went to control panel and into sound solutions, and that didn't work. I'm thinking this PC may have a bad sound card or something not working in that department.
It may come down to buying new USB powered speakers. And if that doesn't do the trick, a highly expensive sound card.

However, if someone here had or know a solution, please speak.
Thank you.


Noob Whisperer
Here's a pretty good walk through for checking sound issues for your computer from HP.
No Sound from the Speakers in Windows 7 HP Pavilion p6750f Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (Canada - English)
I haven't used a set of un-powered speakers in quite a while and that may have something to do with it, but I would assume it would be like using a set of headphones you should still be able to hear something I would think.

Trouble, I went to the link you suggested, and with no luck. I'm not computer savy, but, I do have some indeas on what to do, and this sound problem have me wearing the dunce cap.

May I ask a silly or logic question here. If buying a set of USB powered speakers, would they work (have sound)without haveing the use of the integrated Realtek Audio High Definition device?


Noob Whisperer
Wow, that walk through covered everything I could even conceive of looking into regarding your issue, from the built in troubleshooter, to device manager options to checking the system BIOS to make sure the the integrated sound card was actually enabled.
Have you tried this driver from here Realtek
I have generally found that particular card / chipset pretty reliable and it's usually just a matter of taking your time and using the Realtek Audio Manager in the control panel to make sure you have everything configured properly. I think before I gave up on the sound card, I would first test with another set of speakers (powered) or headset to make sure that the issue wasn't with your speakers, maybe you could beg or borrow something from a friend, neighbor or other family member for testing purposes.
Isn't this a brand new or practically brand new computer? Have you considered checking with the vendor or manufacturer to see if you have any warranty recourse.
As for you question regarding USB speakers I really don't have an answer for you since I've never had a set myself. Maybe another member has some experience with that type of setup and can speak to the performance and quality of such devices.

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