i7 3630 build error log

Hi team,
I have just in the last 2 days taken delivery of a new workstation.
i7 3630K 32GB ram quadro 4000 graphics card sea sonic +80 PSU lanboy air case.
This machine was built specifically for 3ds max performance and fast rendering.
It has been freezing ever since I got it home when put under any sort of load. has to be hard restarted all of the time (control alt delete won't work) mouse and keyboard and screen all freeze.
when it does work it is not very fast or cannot talk to the graphics card. Getting CUDA errors when using iray renderer in 3ds max, when I try to use quicksilver or other renderer it freezes.
First time it froze was when I first turned it on and ran "rate my computer" in windows
HEre is the error report https://sites.google.com/site/2flynewmedia/zbut-wait-there-s-more/support
doc is called event 74 k
any help will be greatly appreciated as at the moment this is an expensive disaster.
Guys at tech shop said they researched this rig to be right for 3ds max. I am interested to hear opinions on the build and presumed performance of such a machine.


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Linking to a secure site may not work for the rest of us. Could you attach the file using The paperclip on Advanced Replies, and it if is large, zip it first?

Are you overclocking?

That is a lot of RAM, maybe some are not playing nicely. Can you remove some to test, or run the Memtest?

If you are not experienced, be very careful when handling RAM, since it is very sensitive to static electricity. Always ground yourself prior to touching it.

ok here is the log
yeh have run memtest
maybe the ram is cheap and nasty
it is strontium 8GB 1600 ram
but maybe the problem is BIOS is wrong,
Toms hardware reckon it should be at least f8 and it is f3
anyway thanks for any advice



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Most of the text show the driver having a problem with the Hard Drive controller.

Can you go through how the drives are set up?

well there is only one drive and that is a 2TB sata3 drive and thats all I know from the receipt, i didn't build this machine I got it built at a shop.


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There are some utilities that will display your system information and devices, but I will have to look.

If you do not feel like looking in the box, I would send the text report to the folks that did put the system together and see what they say.

Have you run an Experience Index on the system? Maybe it would show some deficiency.

Running a Chkdsk would not hurt either.

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