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Windows 7 IBM T42 Wireless Intel Pro2200BG Support Build 7000


New Member
Jan 10, 2009
IBM T42 Wireless Intel Pro/2200BG -Windows 7 Build 7000 (public beta) doesn't seem to include drivers. Anybody have any ideas. I tried the Vista drivers but they failed to install!

Needed to install XP drivers (not vista) from Intel to make this work using the "have disk" option during the driver update.
same here

with my T42, no updated worked, neither Windows Update nor Lenove update.
Manual install of Vista drivers from Lenovo site doesn't work either.
Only the XP drivers from Lenovo website worked.
Windows 7 does have drivers for the Intel PRO 2200BG wireless network adapter. I've got one of these installed in my Dell Latitude D400. W7 installed the driver from Windows Update.
I had the same problem with my T42p. After 7 beta initial install no adaptor listed in the devices list. I went to the intel website and downloaded Vista drivers for my Intel PRO 2200BG wireless network adapter, installed and without rebooting the adaptor appeared and wireless worked.