IBM x226 scsi hostraid adapter


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I encountered a problem installing win7 64bit resp. win2k8 r2 to a IBM x226 computer.
The installing routine did not recognize the onboard hostraid adapter with the AIC-7902B chip. Furthermore I could not find a suitable driver for 64bit on the ibm-support page.
Desperatly I tried the a320raid_win2k8_x64_b212.exe made available by Adaptec and it worked.
The hostraid adapter was recognized by the installing routine as a AIC-7902B and the OS could be installed.

So, for anyone who encounters similar problems, this could be a solution.

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Hi, how did you manage to install the driver without installing the OS?

I am a bit confused here... I am trying to install Windows 7 in IBM x226 8488 for the past 4 days now and I am getting the error "I9990301 invalid boot record on hard disk"...

I have already successfully installed Windows 7 in my other IBM x226 8648 without any problems...

Any advice would be really helpful...

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Installing from DVD

I had burned the image of Win7 on a DVD and started the boot process from that dvd.
Once the computer has booted up from the DVD it will ask you where to install the OS and show you the available HDs. At that point you should choose to install a separate driver from another source, where your adaptec driver is on. Once that is done, the HD will be recognized and you can continue the installing process.
You will be asked to remove the driver cd or whatever you used and put the installing dvd back in the DVD drive.

Greets Dirk

Thanks for your reply.

I have done exaclty the same thing but the server wont boot thru Win7 or Win2k8 DVDs. But, it does boot thru Win XP or 2003.

Do you know whether ServeRaid 6i+ will support Windows 7 or 2k8? What ServeRaid do you have in your server?

This problem is frusturating and driving me nuts...:mad:


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I think, I have a ServeRaid 4i+ or 5i+ in that machine. Can't tell for sure because I don't use it anymore.

If you install the driver from a usb-stick, the OS will try to install itself on that stick, at least that's what happend with my machine.
So once the driver has been loaded you have to remove the stick, go back one step in the installing routine and start the process again, recognizing the hard disk. Then it should work, at least it worked on my machine. Honestly, I can't remember the error code anymore, but I know that it took my some time to figure that out.

Greets, Dirk

Thank you very much for your help in this regard Dirk... I will try it out and hopefully it will work... Will post the results...

Hello Derik,

Please don't curse me... I have just found out what the problem was... I was an idiot... I've been trying to install Windows 7 from a DVD using a CD drive... Brilliant:rolleyes:... The server have a CD drive and not DVD drive...

Anyways, just finished installing Windows 7 using an external DVD drive and everything is working fine now...

Thank you very much for your suggestions and very sorry for wasting your time...

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