Windows 7 ICACLS


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Aug 21, 2012
This is another follow-up thread but I need to know how to use it (easily)

I have tried to use the normal routine to recover my profile:

1. create a new profile
2. Copy every file from the old to the new with the exception of:

However this does not allow me any access to any folder whatsover except the files on the desktop.

Someone offered this.

icacls c:\Windows /grant user-name:F

user-name or SID.

SID prefixed with *

The indication was that this would give the user-name Full permissions to access all folders but the command did not complete.

Added to this my PC is setup as follows:

C: = System
G:\Profiles = User profiles.

Ay advice (preferably of the good sort) would be more than welcome
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