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My old computer, which died yesterday -_-, had windows XP on it and I was able to customize the icons ( size/not be able to place wherever). After I got W7 I noticed you can resize to w/e you want for the most part but it also made the other prints according to what size you created. Also I noticed the icons are attached to a grid like system and sticks to those lines. I havent yet been able to figure out whether or not you can customize that to allow you to have unsticky icons (move wherever and however). Is there such customizations/ how do I go about doing these? Thanks!


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This may help?
Right click the desktop and "View"
There you have 2 options for the icons. "Auto arrange... and Align.....
Also, for the size, I am guessing you have been adjusting the Size of the desktop icons through "Personalization"?

If you have not previously used Vista/7 then there is a cute new feature. Hold the Ctlr whilst scrolling with the mouse, anywhere on the desktop, and you will find the icon size is infinitely adjustable.

Oh, how nifty! thanks so much

Oh yea, when you highlight stuff, can you make that box green? (same with the icons, when you click them its light blue, how can i change to another color)?


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I think you would have to change the theme or background (in personalize) for that. I cannot try it at the moment, as I am in the middle of something. Give it a whirl, you can always return to your original settings. Maybe another member has a quick answer?

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