Icon disappearing from Notification area overflow

Does anyone know how to decipher the entries in TrayNotify area of the registry?
I am working with a program that provides an option to run in the system tray and when selected, it runs in the backgound while its icon is put in the notification area overflow and can be seen when the overflow box is opened.
However, when I reboot the system, the icon is no longer seen in the overflow area, even though the program is still running in the background. Another reboot and the icon appears again. This is an intermittent issue and I have not been able to pinpoint the cause.
I see changes in the TrayNotify area between the working and non-working cases but unfortunately, I don't understand what they mean.
ar-pharazon had a posting in this forum for a very similar issue at the following link but unfortunatley there are no responses to it.
Any clues will be greatly appreciated.

Intel Matrix Storage Manager does the same.

I think the software vendor (intel in my case) needs to fix this problem.
Cause all other apps work fine. It is just that one, that I have noticed.

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