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Hey guys,

I'm having a problem with my Icons. They are messed up and I can't arrange them. When I move my icon to other place and then hit refresh it goes back to that place.. I tried with deleting IconCache but nothing happened.


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Icon problems are often correlated with Virus / Malware problems. It may also be a Windows problem... but do a thorough Virus scan, and maybe a Malwarebyte scan, Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download, it may help you out.

If not, let us know. :)


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Did you right click the desktop and go to "View" and make sure that "auto arrange icons" are UN-checked?

I am also having the same problem. Although the question may be simple, the answer is not so. Upon refreshing the desktop, all my icons rearange themselves as if I checked the "autoarange" itself. It is unchecked and it doesn't matter what you do to the settings, the icons always return to the left regardless if you restart or refresh the desktop. Unchecking the "align to grid" has no effect as well.

Currently I am using ICU; Icon Configuration Utility to rearrange the icons to where I want them. It works, but this isn't a solution.

I have also created another user, but Windows remember's the icon location for that. So the problem exists with my main user. I have a feeling it has to do with a corrupt registry file. I don't know what it is, but this is frustrating to say the least since there are others who have the same problem without finding an answer to this dillemma.

I've also tried the suggestion above by rebuilding the Icon Cache. No luck.

I also tried deleting the desktop.ini file and restarting the computer. No luck as well.

This problem that I have has nothing to do with viruses, trojans or worms. (oh my!)

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I have tried to find the answer to this problem, and so far....

Nothing. I'm hoping that this site will have the answer.


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On my computer the only way I can get them to stay where they are placed is to turn off Align to Grid.
If that is off I can place them any place and they will stay.

If I turn that on then they all return to the left side.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately even if I turn off the Align to Grid, I can hit refresh and they all return to the left. I even tried to reboot and it still doesn't matter. They all return to the left.

Thanks though.

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I take it that this problem is an enigma... Somewhere on my computer there is a file that is supposed to remember where and what icons to place on the desktop. Some other file is linked to the refresh button that triggers off the file that reloads the position and identification of those icons. Somehow this is blocked. Somehow the refresh button works like the "auto arrange icons" tab. It could be a registry error somewhere. Perhaps its the link to read the saved file Windows uses to restore the positions of the icons that is broken. I don't know.

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