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We have here a strange situation. We have here Windows 7 Prof 64 bit. After that an user log in, then the icons are there. After some hours, icons disappaer from the desktop.
Who have the solution for this problem? I don't know anymore :(.
Thanks for your help.

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Right-click on the desktop > view > show icons - is this option on ?


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Hi Cybercore,

Thanks for your reply on my question, but that's not the problem. Your solution option is on. But the icons on the desktop disappear just like that. (Not all icons disappear, only who has made by the user.)
I have found on internet that more people the same problem, but i can't found any solutions, also at Microsoft.
We have the solution for me, please?


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The automated Windows cleanup may be running in your scheduled tasks by default. Try this (Sorry, this is a long path!)

Open the Control Panel - System and Security - Administrative Tools (At the bottom) - Task Scheduler - Task Scheduler (Local) (upper left) - Task Scheduler Library - Microsoft - Windows - Diagnosis.

In the right pane , Right click on Scheduled and choose 'Disabled'.

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