Icons disappeared from desktop

Icons disappeared from desktop [solved]


After booting my PC today I got an empty desktop without any of my files or shortcuts on it. The taskbar is still there and works perfectly fine, it still shows my wallpaper, and I can even see all of my stuff when I open the desktop in the explorer.

Right-clicking works too, and I can create new folders that way etc., but they too are only visible in the explorer and not on the actual desktop. I also can't draw a marquee on the desktop - not that I need one without any icons to select, but maybe you can make something out of it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated ~

edit: I found that very handy "show desktop icons" option, so... yeah, never mind I even asked.

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Right-click | VIEW | Show Desktop Icons

Is that checked?

Erm, yes, now it is.
Got the same hint in another forum, but thanks a lot for your help.


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no problem!

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