Icons/folders in Start Menu are empty/greyed out

I have half a dozen or more programs in the Start Menu whose icons are either greyed out and their folders are "empty".

I tried reinstalling them, going to programs and right-clicking "Repair", running Unhide.exe and a program to rebuild the Windows Icon Cache, nothing has helped.

I have full permission (I'm the only person who ever uses this computer) afaik and can't figure out how to re-associate programs with their file types (like 7-Zip, .zip isn't one of the file types given as an option).

I was able to stick an icon for one of them in the Taskbar (Skype) and can access it from there, but I can't even get the others to start (Revo, iTunes, Secunia, 7-Zip, 1Password and a couple others).

One of the programs has been doing this for months (1Password, I used to just reinstall over it) so I'm loathe to do a System Restore (would have to do dozens of Windows and other programs updates) (but will if I have to).

On 64-bit Home Premium W7, hp laptop.


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Will the programs start from the .exe file in Windows Explorer?
If they will try and create a short cut on the desktop.
Then tell it to add it to the Start Menu.

Right click on the Desktop and select New Shortcut.

You create the file associate to the program that's not on the list.

Right click on a file, select Properties and select to change the default program when you get to the list and the program isn't there hit Browse and navigate to the .exe file for the program you want.

This process will add it to the list.


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