Icons on desktop that dont offer a delete on right click


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I have two icons on my desktop that don't just seem to be just Icons. Not sure how they got there!! I must have done something! One is Libraries and the other is Homegroup. I don't want a Libraries icon on desktop and I don't want to set up a Homegroup at all. Neither of these offer a 'delete' possibility on right click. They do offer to 'create a shortcut' which implies that is NOT what they are. How can I get rid of these.

One other thing. When I sign in on my computer - there is a picture of a chessboard above my sign in box. How do I change that picture to something else? I can't seem to find it in the appearances section on Control panel. :confused:

After looking into your question I was able to find this answer to your question. Multiple people said that this post helped them fix their question!

To remove the Homegroup and Libraries icons from your desktop, open regedit.exe from the Start bar, and navigate to:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFWARE\Microsoft\Wind ows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace\

In the NameSpace folder, there will be a folder (key) with the name {B4FB3F98-C1EA-428d-A78A-D1F5659CBA93}. The value of the default item should be "Other users". This is the registry entry Homegroup icon. Delete the folder from the registry.

In the NameSpace folder, there will be a folder (key) with the name {031E4825-7B94-4dc3-B131-E946B44C8DD5}. The value of the default item should be "Libraries". This is the registry entry This is the Libraries icon. Delete the folder from the registry.

Go to your desktop and hit F5, the icons should disappear.

Source: How to remove Homegroup and Libraries icons from 7 RC desktop (after Vista upgrade)?

I hope this helps!

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Great answer from BrettM, hope that works for you.
On the "One other thing" question
It should be relatively easy
type user accounts into the search bar and hit enter
In the Make Chages to your user account window
select the "Change your picture" link and select from those available or use the browse link to find another suitable picture.


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Brett That was going along great- until 'Current Version'. Then there was no 'Explorer' or anything that even looked close. List shows 12 items - all REG-SZ starting with 'Default' at top and ending with 'SM-GamesName' at bottom.

Trouble. Thanks, did that. Good.


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Something doesn't sound right, maybe go back and check the path to make sure you have navigated the registry to the correct key and then either double click current version or else carefully select the faint right pointing arrow icon just to the left of current version to expand it. The contents of Current Version is as you have stated, mine is the same, but you need to make sure to expand the key in the left column and continue drilling down in the left column until you arrive at the NameSpace Key that Brett was talking about.


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YES!! Great. Worked fine. It was my fault (what else!) I didn't realize the items on left under Current version were part of it - i only looked at RHS. Thanks eveyone.


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I just noticed that I can't right click anymore on 'Open Windows Explorer' from the Start button. Its not drastic... but could deleting those files have anything to do with it?
Interestingly my Skype Icon on Desktop vanished also at same time - but probably was coincidental and just usual muck up stuff.
Just like my imported mesages (from Outlook X) have vanished twice now out of Windows Live Mail. They were there (i was using and reading them) and then they were not!!! I think I am gettting more gray hair!

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