ICS sharing between Windows XP and Windows 7

I have been attempting to set up my windows xp machine to share the internet connection from my windows 7 machine for most of the evening. I have created a new Lan connection on each and told the lan connection on the Windows 7 machine to share the wireless connection connected to my modem. It appears to be working as it says it is connected/shared through a belkin wireless g mimo router between the two machines, as well as on the windows xp machine where it says the local area connection is connected. I don't know how to solve this, does anyone have any suggestions? Let me know, thanks.



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Sorry, but I am a little confused and not that good at out of the ordinary network setups. You have a Win 7 machine. You want to share the connections using a proxy to share the connection and that is not working?

No, I have Windows 7 with ICS enabled. The wireless connection is to be sent through a Belkin G+ Mimo Router to an older Windows XP machine. When I connect the two I lose internet connection on Windows 7 completely and still cannot connect to the internet on the XP side either. Windows 7 is the host, Windows XP is the client. Does that help?

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Hey I did end up figuring it out via a way that was not mentioned/documented anywhere. Simply by Setting both computer to the same workgroup, restarting, turning off ICS sharing on the LAN Connection and bridging the LAN to the Wireless Network. It worked instantly. Hope others will find this useful.


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Why didn't you just setup the xp and Win7 pc to both use the router?

Because unfortunately the xp machine doesn't have a wireless card and the modem is downstairs -- and a long ethernet cable isn't really going to work either. So sharing the internet between the two was a solution that seemed to work best for me. Had I had wireless hell yeah I would've used it.

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Ahh - OK :p

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