ID3 Tags won't display in explorer

So I was going to change one of my songs ID3 tags the other day and I realized that not only do the ID3 tags not display in window's explorer, but they also don't show up in the details tab under properties. Also they are unchangeable via the properties details tab. I did a little looking on google for a solution, and the only thing I could find was to turn off UAC, but its already anybody have any ideas as to what it could be?

Oh and the tags will display when I transfer the songs to my MP3 player or open them in WMP.

Thanks in advanced for any help. :)

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Also found out I can both edit and view the tags in the File>Open/Save Explorer window but not the main one...

This continues to torment me and I have not found a solution, even tried restoring a backup of explorer that I had from before the problem started.

This is the last time I'll bump this, but I would really appreciate some help, or even a nudge in the right direction to fix this.


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Do you have the preview window in Windows Explorer say for Pictures as an example?

Go to Start > Control Panel > Options, click the View tab and make sure Show preview handlers in preview pane.

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Yes, I have most of the picture details, and some of the video ones, but all ID3 tags for music, and tags such as length and dimensions for videos don't work. Dimensions for pictures works however.

And yes Show Preview Handlers is checked and I also tried turning it off and back on. No luck. Thanks for the help though. :)


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I just checked an .flv file and there is no info at all.

I then picked an .mp4 file and I see is width and height with no way to edit it:confused:

Yeah when I right click a file and go to properties and then the detail tab, the only details that display are under the file category, all of the other spaces are blank and uneditable. But like I said before if I were to go to file>open in firefox right now all that stuff would work...

Sorry for rebumping this thread, but I'm having the exact same problem as the OP and I can't seem to find any solution on the Internet. The ID3 tags on my mp3s appear blank and uneditable in the Windows explorer, but if I open the files with ID3-Tag I can see the tags are still there. I have no idea what is causing this, but I'm afraid Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager might have messed something up. Any advice?


Well I'm just gonna say now that I had to format and reinstall to fix it. You could try a sfc.exe /scannow to fix it.

I see that nobody has come up with a solution for this apart from doing a reformat. I've noticed only recently that apart from an album I added recently via iTunes all my ID3 tags are blank on Windows Explorer but as others say, they are there as iTunes and third party media players can see them.

My biggest problem though is with WMP12. I had all my music albums arranged neatly by album. A couple of days ago I noticed one album was showing as Unknown so I thought I'd rebuild my library in WMP12 by clearing the library folder details in Organise/Music and then reinstating it. Absolute disaster .... now WMP12 just lumps all tracks together in one vast album. I suspect it can't see the ID3 tags and so can't separate the tracks into albums.

I have read that Windows 7 can't read v2.4 tags so I've rebuilt them all as v2.3 but that makes no difference.

Any further ideas would be welcome .............

All, if you are still having this problem and you have dBpoweramp (dBpoweramp) installed, make sure you have the latest version (14.2) There has been this recent bug fix:
"Bug Fix: Uninstall could leave the Windows Property details page for previously registered formats (such as mp3) inoperable"
Once I upgraded to the latest version, all my tags reappeared in explorer, yay

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