Identify "Unknown device" in Device Manager

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    If you are performing a clean install or have run into the problem of an unidentified device in the Windows device manager, an unlikely assistant may be at your aid: the open source community as hosted by Google. UnknownDevices is a utility hosted on Google Code by Michael A. Bosse. Accordingly, "UnknownDevices is a small utility that was written to provide computer technicians with a simple way to identify those 'Unknown Device' devices that show up in Microsoft Windows after a fresh install."

    The software successfully detects unknown hardware that lacks a device driver in Microsoft Windows. Computer users faced with this problem may want to give the utility a try in order to identify which device driver they are missing. UnknownDevices is provided as freeware under the GNU Public License.

    The home page for the free, public project can be found at: unknowndevices - A utility to identify "Unknown Device" devices in Microsoft Windows - Google Project Hosting
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