IE 7 and antivirus help, Please



I am using Vista RC1 Build 5600 and can't get Windows IE 7 to run. I get an error stating it’s not compatible. I thought it was. Any solutions on how to make IE 7 operate. I am using mozilla now, but some of my other work requires IE.

My other problem is with Norton Antivirus 2006. How can I manually remove 06? Vista will not let me remove it fully through the add/remove programs. Seems to go so far and "time out" on me or freeze. I would like to install an antivirus that is compatible with Vista. Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone!


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Norton is a big pain, I'm going to say it straight out... this is my opinion. It leaves a massive trail of garbage on the OS when you try to uninstall it, even in Windows XP. If there is a way to uninstall it in Windows Vista it is probably going to be very painful, because a good portion of the time when you uninstall it in Windows XP you have to edit it out of the registry as well.

As for Internet Explorer 7, Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 already comes with it. It sounds like you tried to install the Windows XP version from I don't understand how IE7 wouldn't start up... what kind of error message are you getting and what are your system specs?

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