IE 8 (32 bit) no longer working

I am running Win 7 Pro SP1, but this problem started before I upgraded to SP1. In my start menu, 64 bit IE8 opens and works just fine, but the 32 bit version does NOT run. Also, the Windows update choice on my menu does not run (Does that require the 32 bit version?). When I try to connect to the update via its website, it always refers me back to the start menu, so no help. Is there some registry key that got turned off? help!!


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I can tell you on my x64 system, that did not happen. Can you download a 32 bit version of IE, maybe something got corrupted?

Just for the heck of it, you might try running the system file checker. Open an administrative command window and type:

SFC /scannow

let us know what happens.


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Thank you for the suggestions. I ran the SFC program and found no errors or problems. I tried to find the IE8 (32 bit) program, but it would never let me get there and kept me jumping to IE9, so I bit the bullet and installed IE9. Now I have the same problem with IE9. The 64 bit version works, but the 32 bit version does not and the Windows Update choice on my start menu does nothing. This is really strange....:andwhat:

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