IE 8 Jump List Does Not Display History

IE 8 Jump List does not display history or frequent, as is it supposed to:

The Jump Lists for all other programs display recent items correctly.

I toyed with all the options under Taskbar properties. No luck.

Any help is very much appreciated!


Same as MJacobs
I am using windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
have tried finding jump lists with the addons and without the addons in the 64bit and the 32bit browser

I have tried disabling ie8 it in the system rebooting and then enabling ie8 in conjunction with resetting to defaults

this problem has been bugging me for a while and this is the only thread that describes my problem correctly

all my other programs and internet explorers have working jump lists

Please help us

Thank you

nuff love

Ok I have finally worked it out, this is what you need to do, you need to go to uninstall a program in the control panel then, turn windows features on or off. Wait for the pop-up to load
Make sure that the following radio buttons are on


Internet Explorer 8 <- used to turn on and off IE8

Internet Information Service
Web Management Compatibility
IIS Management Console

Internet Information Service Hostable Web Core

If the above does not work you should turn off IE8 reboot your system
When your system restarts type run in the start menu then enter inetcpl.cpl in the window and press ok.
When the internet properties comes up go to the advanced tab and restore advanced settings

Then turn IE8 back on in the control panel then reboot and it should work again now

If that does not work you might need to remove all the stored data and temp files

I did all the above steps and deleted anything I could out of the internet program folders so I am not sure which step done it properly but have put them in order of importance

If you pin it down it would be helpful for you to repost the exacting answer

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