IE 9 getting error


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getting error CODE 3 while downloading and installing IE9 within windows auto update


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Hi gauloises. If you Google Microsoft, on the search page you get there is a search box right on the link for Microsoft. I just checked it out. Type in "error code 3" and I think you might find your answer. Good Luck and let us know how it goes!


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Has this happened more than once? You might try, if you have not already, downloading and installing IE 9 through Windows Update with nothing else at the same time.

You might end up doing a manual download and install, sometimes that helps with the updates that have problems. The link is just a normal IE9 download, not Windows Update.

Sometimes updates fail because something else is not installed or is installing. Hopefully it will work soon if you decide to wait. Sorry I do not know what the Code 3 means, but if it becomes necessary, we might be able to check some logs.


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I just noticed on my system, there is an IE9 setup log located in the Windows\Logs folder called IE9_NR_Setup.log.

Mine does not show any errors and may just be a setup log, but you might check to see if yours does show any errors...It does mention possibly turning of an Anti-virus, so if you use one, you might try that.

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