IE 9 will not install-Win 7 64 bit

My Win 7 64 bit has been running great. My windows updates has been working great also,but will not install IE 9. I tried it though Windows update ,also by standalone but to no avail. In Windows Update I receive error 3701. I am attaching the IE 9 setup loghere also. Ant help would be appreciated.:confused:



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Before going further, go to updates and check to see if there are any outstanding. This is often the cause of this error.

I am completely up to date.

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TRy and install with your antivirus and firewall disabled


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what errors are getting ?

I have disabled AV and Firewall and all staretup apps. I get error 3701.


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I have read in other forums that IE 9 has to go in before SP1. Do you have SP1 already. If so you might need to remove it to install IE 9 then reinstall SP1. In both cases I would recommend downloading the files from MS, disconnect from the internet, shutdown all apps including AV/Am then install from the downloaded files. I always do this with large updates.

Yes I have Sp1. If that's the case I will stick with IE8. I would have to do a repair install because I deleted my SP1 files long ago. It would just not be worth it.

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