IE 9Beta is not for XP


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IE 9 Beta – Minus XP

Internet Explorer has reached it’s 15th birthday. The next generation version of Microsoft’s Internet browser will be available for users to try out on September 15. That is everyone except those people still clinging to Windows XP. Because that group, Microsoft has determined, will be shut out of the latest software.

Microsoft believes that somewhere around 68% of Windows users are still running the two-generations-old version of the operating system (remember Vista?). The estimate is that many of those are corporate customers that can’t afford a large-scale upgrade (not just in software, but also in hardware). There are also a number of individuals who simply are not ready to make the transfer or don’t need to or are possibly confused with the upgrade process. Still others may still need convincing that their existing software will continue to run on Windows 7.

Many still recall hearing about how when the upgrade to Vista occurred, the printers no longer worked, even if the drivers were available. Specially designed software that ran just fine on XP, fell flat on Vista. So many are thinking that upgrade is not viable.

But now we are talking about the new version of Microsoft’s Web browser, which has been going through developers in a preview build for the last few months.

The challenge to Microsoft is clear. Internet Explorer, which was once so dominate that it handled more than 90% of the country’s Web browsing, has seen it’s market share diminish by various other browser alternatives. These include, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari and Opera. One of the reasons that Internet Explorer lost it mojo was that it was technically deficient compared to others. They were faster, could handle more videos, could download faster, and had new approaches to web surfing.

But Microsoft has also been luring users back with increased functionality and a stronger relationship with Web content developers. If they weren’t listening before, they are now.

For instance IE9 will bring to the table include support for HTML5, which has been controversial, and a new Javascript engine known as “Chakra.” It is still anyone’s guess what the browser will actually look like, though, is anyone’s guess. It is assumed that Microsoft will reduce the clutter than was in IE8 and give the new browser a fresher, more robust, and simpler interface. At least that is the theory. We won’t know what it will look like for sure until the beta goes live next month for Vista and Windows 7 users.

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Well it's about time they start discontinuing support for XP, it's really part of the reason Microsoft is so behind in their technologies.

Agreed! It's time to push companies to XP.


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To XP or away from? :D They are already at XP... I have seen computers with 50-100 malware infections and they are still on XP... it will be a nice miracle when they move off!


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The Beta ain't for me.
Installed on Win 7 and uninstalled a few minutes later, several crashes in a few minutes.

I found that some changes made remained after reverting to IE8.

Thank goodness I had just made a Clonezilla image before "upgrading".

I restored the image and got my old non buggy IE8 back.

I think I'll wait for the final.

I don't use IE for much anyway (MS updates and websites that don't work with FireFox, my default browser).


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Well I decided that maybe I hadn't given IE9 a fair shake so I installed it again.
After seeing about 20 of the absolutely useless Windows "the website is not responding" dialog box I stand by my earlier assessment.

Where MS "hit one out of the ballpark" with the Win 7 beta they dumped the IE9 beta into the toilet.

It refused to start on several occasions (with the useless dialog box mentioned earlier).

Then only way to get it to work was to restart Windows.

Then it would refuse to start again after appearing to work OK for awhile.

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I finally determined that an addon was causing all my grief.
The realtime protection provided by Spybot Search & Destroy through an addon was the culprit.
Disabling it fixed the issues.


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Don't judge a book by it's cover ;)
I had a problem signing into my Windows Live accounts on IE 9 - I ripped the addons apart continuously before concluding that for some reason it doesn't work if "Protected Mode" isn't on.. Not sure why it was off, but I turned it back on and voila. I figured it must have been an addon cause running in no addon mode worked just fine.

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