IE7 in Vista Half Works



Working on a loaded Gateway desktop, Vista Home Premium SP1, all updates current w/ 3gigs ram and issues arise accessing certain websites... for instance one is a college website for taking online courses. IE7 will start to connect, gets the main page loaded but when attempting to access the login for students, it will not load the page. Also happens trying to access Gmail account. Says it can't access the page. When viewing the failed attempt link, it displayed a secure link (https) in the window box link display but the actual address box link that failed did not show a secure address. I created a Shortcut with the HTTPS link and can sometimes get to those pages, and sometimes not but this is a huge issue as email and classes are falling behind. Other sites work perfectly fine, including occasional online conferences and sites requiring HTTPS... Been going on for 3 months now. Of course, can use the notebook with XP Pro and Everything works 100% but it is a shared comodity and not always readily available. Does this ring any bells with anyone?? ANY help is Greatly Appreciated!

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