Windows 7 IE8 Broken - Doesn't appear to handle certificates


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Hi Guys
Some sites pop up a little dialog (see screenshot) . That was using IE7 on Vista X-64.
After clicking OK or even cancel you then get on to the site.

IE8 (all versions and both on X32 and X64) doesn't show the first dialog and hence never gets to the site.
Firefox seems to have a better solution - Bypass the whole process -- Ok you can get on to the site in this case but not a good idea if there really IS a security check.

The site in question is if you want to try it yourself -- no security you can just logon if it works. Don't worry about the content of the site --unless you understand ERP software you probably won't know what this site is all about.

I suspect that this might be due in part to the .NET framework which was "changed?? re-written??" or whatever

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Hey jimbo,

Same thing happened on my Vista with IE7

I simply clicked cancel and the site popped up.

Probably a problem with that particular website.
Hi there - perhaps I didn't explain the problem clearly enough -- in IE8 I DIDN'T get the dialog --just nothing so I never got to the site
The screenshot I posted was IE7 on Vista X-64 -- sorry if I was unclear

No, you described it properly.

I wasn't paying attention:)

I have to switch ethernet cables, but I'll give it a try using IE8
Hi there - just updated IE8
version now reports
Update versions : Release Candidate 1

(Don't ask where I got the RC1 from). :):)

Works fine on this one (32 Bit) although the certificate is not shown --I think they must have filched code from Firefox.:D