Windows 7 IE8 can't add certificates


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Jan 11, 2009
Trying to setup an exchange server for outlook but I cant add my security certificate. when you click on the certificate you dont get an option to add it. Its in IE7 since I have it setup on my Vista64 OS partition.

Any way to manually add it? or am I missing something? I am not a IE user... Firefox for years now.
try this??

open IE8 in admin mode
right click on IE and run as admin
then click on the cert error and you shoudl be able to add
hope that helps
Thanks. I was able install the certificate. Now another problem has arrived. Once MS Office 07 starts and asks for my username and password it just loops the notice over and over again. Microsoft exchange does not log in. I have set the account up multiple times and checked the settings on my other OS installs (vista 32 and vista 64). This is the only major stumbling block for me not to be using 7 as my main OS. Any further ideas? or a forum that could posibly help with the answer?
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