Windows 7 IE8 Crashes on Exit


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I have installed Windows 7 on a brand new notebook (Sager np 8662). So far everything is working great with one exception. Whenever I click on the red x or the explorer icon -> close to exit from IE8 I get a warning pop up that tells me:

Internet explorer has stopped working
Windows is checking for a solution to the problem....

After a second or two the dialog box goes away.

So - to reiterate - Windows is only telling me that IE8 has crashed *after* I have closed it. So it's not actually crashing in mid-use or something. It's just crashing (or thinking that it's crashing) when I've alread closed a window.

I tried disabling "Protected mode" but that ddn't help. Not sure wha else to try.

If it's not interfering with your browsing and isn't affecting any other apps on your pc than I wouldn't worry to much about it.. ;) It's not hurting anything by the sounds of it.. Just one of those pesky glitches.. ;) I imagine it will probably be something that an update through Windows Update will fix once enough people report it.. It happened to me back on Build 7022 64-bit as well but I just left it as it wasn't hurting anything.. ;) Strange though that it's happening again in a different build..