Windows 7 IE8 crashes (sometimes) otherwise ignores pdf files


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Hi there

Problem with IE8 (32 bit version) on X-64 W7 build 7077.

Double clicking a PDF link doesn't open the document -- get a little popup saying Internet explorer has stopped working -- and then it just reverts back to the previous link.

I can download the PDF file (save target as) without probs and open the file manually.

This happened after installing Adobe reader 9.1

For example logging on to the SAP development web site (SDN)

and clicking on the PDF link shown in the attached image.

Tried to emulate the problems you experianced with PDF and could not .
Wish I had an answer for you on the matter jimbo . I can only suggest you try a rollback and then reinstall Adobe reader 9.1 .
It should work maybe you just had a glitche install . Good luck with that :)

When you did install Adobe reader did you make sure it was for vista ?
Hi there
Did what you suggested -- and also installed some extra Language Packs.
Works OK now.

I had that same problem and found this fix somwhere. It worked for me.

1. Open Adobe Reader

2. Click Edit | Preferences

3. Click Internet in the left categories pane.

4. Under Web Browser Options, deselect the display PDF in browser check box and click ok.