ie8 incredibly slow on my new build, works fine on my older ocmputer.

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    So I now have windows 7 on three of my computers, And its my main os on my mew pc.

    Everything is super speedy, nice and fresh on my new pc, boots in ~30 sec, shuts down in like 5 seconds, runs everything I throw at it, Firefox is super speedy.

    Except Ie8, its just agonizingly slow.... It takes it like an additional 10 seconds to load any page, and once the page is loaded I cant use the scroll bar for an additional 10 seconds on top of that.

    Sad to say yes I like ie8 more than Firefox, so sue me :p

    I have disabled all my addons, I have disabled spy bot, I disabled all the accelerators. I haven't installed or loaded anything different on my new pc than my other ones, which run ie8 just fine.

    Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated :)



    video showing what happens....
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