Windows 7 IE8 RC1 (W7 7022 X-32) Timeout problem


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Hi all
I don't know if it's an ISP problem or an error with IE8 RC1.

Sometimes connecting to a busy web site I get a message "Unable to connect". If I try again and the connection is slightly faster then it connects.

Is there some setting in IE8 that disconnects after a certain time. If there is is it user settable or is it a fixed default value.

As you can appreciate some of the sites carrying with the latest W7 news are currently quite busy. I regularly get "Unable to connect" whilst another machine running XP PRO (64 bit) just connects fine.

I'm sure this is a timeout problem rather than networking per se.

Facing the same problem here,just cant donwload Silverlight ,now i dunno if its a problem concerning my group policy bad configuration or what....