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LOL. If you mean me, no apology needed, it leads to the same link, I believe. I don't think you will find a link to an IE8 specific for Windows 7 anywhere there, but I would be pleased if there was one. I get numerous similar requests.

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You are probably right Drew. Maybe you have to be running a non ie8 system to get correct reponse. The picture1 is what I get if I click your link. Picture 2 is the result of accepting the download, which is the same as the link I gave. It will be interesting to see what the link says if the OP tries it (Or perhaps you tried it without IE8 installed)

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The pictures somehow got changed. Weird. Anyway, I have put back my originals

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No where we can find IE8 used in Win 7. @Drew, the IE8 for Vista doesnt install on Win 7. The best way to re-install IE8 is as follows,
Goto Control Panel - Programs and Features - Turn on or off Windows features - Uncheck IE8 and reboot. After reboot, follow the same steps to re-install.

Note: I tried this, but IE8 is not displayed in my RC. But, this is the only way to re-install IE8 in Win 7 as adviced by many MVP.

The above link will provide a download link for Win 7 only if the site doesnt detect IE8 in your machine. If it is already installed and if we click on download, the OS list displayed doesnt have Win 7 in it.

unchecking ie8 in windows features will remove it. if we need to re-install, need to check it again. my issue with ie8 is now resolved by running sfc /scannow
but in rc, ie8 is not listed in windows features.


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I do believe that has been pretty well established now

you mean to say, IE8 is being listed in windows features in the final versions?


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Not at all. I meant it had been xplained in this thread

true, same explanation given umpteen times :)


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A common feature of help forums

Its because everybody thinks their issue is unique and cannot happen with others. And this is the reason, help forums do exist. Also, if they start a separate thread and get some answers, they feel some1 is there to help him and concentrating on his issue.

Oops !!! I believe, last few posts are going off-topic :)

But where is the thread starter? Hellloooo...


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Totally off thread - lol.
But it is another price to pay with internet forums. Probably like yourself, I belong to several. It is quite common to see the same person post the same query on those forums - get a working answer and not respond to the other sites.

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