IE9 problems

I ahve two things happening with my IE9 that I'd like to solve. the first is that at some time in the past I apparently entered "javaw" at the search page and rather frequnetly get a notice that Windows cnnot find such. It suggests that I check the spelling and try again. The error is clear, but how can I get rid of the notice, which freexes everything up till it gets Xed. Highly frustrating!

The second thing is that frequently, and especially after I authorise non-standard fonts, I gert a notice that IE9 ahs stopped working and is checking with M/S for a remedy. This can remain in place for hours, though it still works on other searches. Please, how can I rmedy this? Thanks for the help. System is W7 Ulimate x64bit with ASUS P6T and i7 - 930 + 12GB of RAM.


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What do you mean "at the search page"? Search bar?

What do you mean "authorise non-standard fonts"? How are you doing this?


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What search engine is the search bar using? (You see it as an icon and\or text)

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