If we send men and women to Mars, there's a strong possibility ...

Sex in Space: The Final Frontier

If we send men and women to Mars, there's a strong possibility they'll want to engage in sex during the two-year mission.

Well, it had to come up at some point. With all the recent talk about a possible manned mission to Mars, one topic that hasn't had a lot of discussion is this: If we send colonists to the red planet, will sex in space be a problem?

And just how much fun is it to experience zero-gravity nookie?

Presumably, if we're going to send people to live on another world, they'll want to have sex somewhere in that final frontier.

NASA hasn't said much about the subject, and it raises some questions: Have any astronauts done it already? And do we know if children could be conceived and survive in space?

Writing in the newly released book "The Human Mission to Mars: Colonizing the Red Planet" (Cosmology Science Publishers), Rhawn Joseph of the Brain Research Laboratory in Northern California considers the sexual possibilities of space travel.

"Humans are sexual beings and it can be predicted that male and female astronauts will engage in sexual relations during a mission to Mars, leading to conflicts and pregnancies and the first baby born on the red planet," Joseph writes.

He even suggests the possibility that male and female travelers to Mars should fly in separate spacecraft.


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