I'm giving up on Chrome!


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At least for now I'm giving up on Google Chrome.
I've had nothing but problems with it for the last 6 months.

I get popups that are supposed to be blocked, it won't display some pages correctly, like the top of this page, which just comes out as a large blank area, the spell checker is lame and won't remember words I add to it.

I along with a lot of other people have had problems showing video, hearing sound, or getting it to load pages.

I'm writing this from Mozilla Firefox which I just installed and seems to be working fine so far.

I really liked Chrome, I was one of the first adopters and recommended it to others.
But every update they do seems to make it worse.

Easy to understand menus etc, have gotten more and more obtuse and unhelpful.
I can't even drag the links on the links bar to where I want them anymore, they pop back to where they were when I let them go.

I have to open another menu and change them in there instead of just putting them where I want them.

Even posting on their help forum is unnecessarily complex having to create a new group identity etc. I have a Google ID why should I have to do more then that.

I'm not a big fan of Internet Explorer so I'm going to try Fire Fox for a while.

I posted essentially this same message on the Google forum but I doubt they will pay any attention.



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Welcome to the dark side Mike.
I too converted to FireFox a while back and have found it a reasonably good browser. Hope you do as well.

Joe S

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I've wondered about Chrome. I've had on going BSOD problems this past month or so that may involve Firefox Flash plugin and some drivers. Right now I'm stuck using IE9. I always liked Firefox until my problem started. They have some good addons like Flashblock so videos don't automatically start playing when you open the page. Adblock Plus is another good one.

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