Image doesn't fill full screen

I have looked through the Forum and have not found a solution. I am a newbie so, I sorry if there is a solution to this problem however, I looked and can’t find one.

The basic problem is I have an HTPC running Window 7 and the Windows 7 image does not fill the entire screen . There is about an 1 ½ inches on each side and a 2 inches on the top and bottom that the image does not fill.

Here are the specifications of my system:

Monitor: Vizio E552VLE;
Resolution 1920 x 1080, refresh 120 Hz, connected through HDMI
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1
System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Motherboard Model: GA-A75M-UD2H
BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD A8-3850 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (4 CPUs), ~2.9GHz
Radeon 6550 HD graphics (DX11) integrated with the processor (Driver current)
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 7166MB RAM
Page File: 2514MB used, 11813MB available
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
User DPI Setting: 120 DPI (125 percent)
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled

Any help would be appreciated.




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Do you have the system's refresh rate set a 120Hz or is that what the system used? Have you tried 60 Hz?

The graphics card only supports up to 60 Hz so that's what we are set at.


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I am running an HTPC and during boot, the display does not fill the TV screen, but it is a different resolution than the main desktop.

Once the desktop is up, I have to use the scaling capabilities of the display adapter to reduce the size of the screen to fit the TV. Are you sure you are running 1920x1080 as an output resolution? Is your monitor recognized by the system and does not show as a default type?

Also, if you were to have a DVI connections, it would give a better picture, but of course, no sound without a separate connection.

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