Image thumbnail cache STILL not working

I have read the issues about Windows 7 image thumbnail cache problems, this is different from all of them.

Whenever I open the pictures, videos, or any other folder, Windows takes a while to load all of the thumbnails each time. I have only 650 pictures in my Pictures Folder, and it takes 40 seconds to load all of the thumbnails. This happens each time I close and open the window. I have also erased the thumbnail cache via "C" drive disc cleanup, which one would think would cause the Pictures page to take even longer to open as it rebuilds the cache..... but it is still 40 seconds.

Now..... I have attempted to enable and disable thumbnail caching via registry changes. ( I want the cache on as I want to see thumbnails of images that load quickly when I open a folder.)

When I disable thumbnail caching in the registry, the pictures folder takes 40 seconds to load and the thumbnail cache size according to Windows Disc "C" cleanup is a measly 3.27kb.

When I ENABLE thumbnail caching in the registry, nothing changes. Even though the thumbnail cache for 650 images should be at least a few MB, the cache size is still 3.27kb and the folder takes 40 seconds to load each time!

Now, I have no idea how to tell for sure if thumbnail caching is set to on or off, but it certainly appears that it is OFF since the cache size is minuscule.

There are also some blurbs on the net about not allowing the system to delete the cache file daily by not allowing system deletion of any files in the User's "Explorer" folder, thus keeping Windows from constantly erasing and re-writing the cache. I tried that, too, but it appears as if the cache isn't being created in the first place.



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Must admit my thumb cache varies between 49mb --> 90mb depending on the weather.

I'm assuming you have, but can you just check that under Start, R-Click (My) Computer, Properties, Advanced System settings, Advanced Tab, Performance, Settings Button, Visual Effects Tab "Show thumbnails instead of icons" is ticked and that "Always show icons, never thumbnails" under Windows Explorer (any open folder), Tools (in the "Menu Bar"), Folder Options, View Tab is unticked.

B.T.W. Under C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer you should find six different thumb cache files.

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All is as you indicated.

I may have to do a clean Win 7 install to fix this. It's about that time anyway to eliminate any possible trojans, etc that the anti-virus companies don't know about.....

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