Image Trembling - This is interesting

On three computers in the house out of 6, we have image trembling on the display. The problem is minor at times and horrendous at others.

I have had this problem for a fair few months now on my desktop. I have also noticed the problem now on my laptop, and my brother's PC is showing the same image trembling.

Now here's the interesting bit - all three of the affected PC's are running Windows 7 Home.

Seeing as I first noticed the problem on my desktop PC, I tried all sorts of different solutions. At first, I approached the problem as if it was hardware, with the chief suspect being my monitor. I'm going to list the steps I have taken to rectify this problem on my desktop computer;

First the specs;

AMD X2 6000+
4 GB DDR2 Crucial Ram

1) I swapped the monitor for a spare that my brother had bought for someone else when he was building a machine. Image trembling was still present and was not reduced or worsened.

2) Tried using a brand new vga cable.

3) Used a different dvi > vga adapter

4) Replaced my old X1950 Pro gfc card with the one listed above.

5) Move desktop computer from one room to another to make use of different power points.

6) Turned off all other electrical equipment except the computer and monitor.

7) Altered refresh rates.

It was at this point that I noticed the problem occurring on my laptop also. The only thing hardware and software wise that this laptop, my desktop and my brother's desktop have in common is Windows 7.

The really interesting thing is that the remaining three computers (one laptop and two desktops) do not show the same image trembling, even when they are placed side by side to the Win 7 computers. The other computers are running XP (2 of them) and Vista. One computer is using a CRT monitor, while the other two desktops are using LCD/TFT.

So basically, what in the blue heck is going on?

I'm working off of the theory of electromagnetic interference, as moving the laptop around the house indicates the problem is worse in some rooms than others, but I can't figure out why it only effects the Win 7 machines!

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I've just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on the desktop - and the image trembling is present there too, so I guess that rules out Windows 7 as a cause and leaves only electromagnetic interference.

Has anyone else encountered anything like this before? Any tips on how I can shield the monitor/laptops from it?


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Have you taken the laptop outside and away from any high voltage wires?

Have you tried some type of power filter to clean up your house current?

Have you tried running just one system at a time to see if the others are interferring somehow?

I have had the laptop outside before and I didn't notice the problem. Obviously I can't do that at the moment seeing as its been snowing constantly for the last three days :p

I'm not sure we have any power filters that I can try, if I can track one down than I will try it.

I have tried each computer on its own and the issue remains.

Aside from that, it looks like I'm stuck with the problem. It seems to have started about four months ago - so maybe it's a winter issue with our house power supply or something else weird.


Actually, now that I think about it - what good would power filters do? I get the issue when the laptop is running from battery.

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