IMAGE_NAME: ntkrnlmp.exe causing BSOD on Win 7 x64

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    Greetings friends,

    I have searched the forum for a response to my annoying issue, but I did not found a post that fits exactly to my case, then I decided to post my problem, hoping to get your appreciated help.

    I am getting BSOD in Win 7 x64 frequently in a random time. I was overclocking my machine with the preset values that my MoBo has for "best performance" (My PC specs are below) and I was getting this Minidump after BSODs:

    I read a lot about possible issues due to the preset overclocking settings of my MoBo, then I set them manually and without demanding too much of my processor (Overclocked from 3.4Ghz to 3.8Ghz).

    The system seems to be a little more steady as it BSODs less frequently. What calls my attention is that, since then, the Minidump info changed, what makes me doubt about the issue being in the overclocking, this is the new Minidump I am getting:

    Ok, this is my PC's info:

    It is good to mention, I already mounted again the Win (with the same disc I used before), updated ALL drivers and updated BIOS. I also run stress tests with the Asus app and with Prime95. All Memory, HDD, CPU tests passed, except for one while running Prime; the Minidump is just like the second one posted above but with: PROCESS_NAME: prime95.exe

    I usually use this PC for gaming. Funny thing is that it only BSODd once while playing, most BSODs come while doing any other thing (I haven't found a pattern).

    I am really disapointed and exausted of struggling with this issues, I have been dealing with it for almost a month and now I come to you, so any help you can provide, will be very very much appreciated.


    PS: I apologize if I missed any rule of the forum. I will fix it for the next time.

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