imagere file has iTunes icon instead of Windows Media Player icon


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All my mp3 files have an iTunes icon instead of the Windows Media Player icon, even though I have set WMP as the default program. In going into the imagere file, I find that there is no WMP icon to choose from - only the iTunes icon. So my questions are 1) how did that happen? and 2) how do I find and download a replacement imagere file that has the correct icon in it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

when you downloaded iTunes, it asks you if you want it to be your default player. When one selects yes it converts all files to the apples format with iTunes icon. I always tell people to make sure to read every little window that pops up carefully when downloading players. If not some major changes will happen to ones system, that may not harm the system but most users do not know how to revert back to original settings. No big deal just a big pain most of the time for the users. To change the icon back to WMP, you have to select a music file and right click it. Then you get a window with some options, choose open with, then select WMP, then you should get a window that will ask you if you want to make this your default option to open all these type of files, click yes and ok. Then close out all your windows, then reopen your music files and the icons should be back to the MS icon (mp3 logo). That should do it for you.


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Contrary to what one may think, I did not select the option of making iTunes my default player, so that rules out that cause. In addition, I have already gone through the "right click on the file, open with..., WMP select, make it the default option" routine (see my original post). I really don't care now how the iTunes icon got into my imagere file in place of the WMP icon. What I am readlly seeking is an answer to my question #2: "how do I find and download a replacement imagere file that has the correct icon in it?" Does anyone have an answer to this question?

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