VIDEO [IMAGES] [URGENT] Crazy base-jumper rides motorbike off 4,000m cliff

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    It's not every day someone decides to take a helicopter ride up a 4,000m mountain in the Andes and ride a motorcycle off the top of it, but Julio Munoz doesn't appear to be an everyday kind of guy.


    The world-famous Chilean base-jumper is clearly crazy - but he also makes jaw-dropping videos of his feats.

    His latest - a daredevil stunt among the most amazing we've ever seen - saw Munoz take a chopper up into the Andes mountain range, ride his bike off a specially-constructed jump, and only open his parachute 200ft from the ground.


    Taking a head-mounted camera with him - but quite clearly leaving his sanity behind - the 37-year-old got some amazing shots as he hurtled off the cliff edge on his 450cc bike and plunged towards the ground.

    Speaking about the stunt, which is thought to have cost more than $100,000, Munoz said: 'On the way to the ramp, I was focused on adjusting the speed on the bike.


    'When I left the ramp and I'm flying, that's where I really feel comfortable.'

    He's definitely crazy.

    Fortunately the jump went off without a hitch, and every one of the 12 cameras used to capture the event got some great snaps (rather than gruesome, if it had gone wrong).


    We think he may be planning another jump sometime soon as part of the 'Project B.A.S.E. Los Andes' series of events, which he hopes will show Chile is 'a good place for base jumping'.

    It's confirmed: He's crazy.

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