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The total used is 222GB of 1terrabite HD.

If I Image this HD will it go into a 500gb HD?


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Yes most good image systems can do a part image... I know Acronis can and there must be other free options, as long as (1) the new disc is the same kind i.e if old disc is a ssd then new disc should be as well or (2) you put a tick in any "make this image bootable" tick-box the image software offers up then you should be fine.

p.s Acronis can do hdd to sdd and can also do swap file partitions but thats prob not something you need to stress about.


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To explain in length:-

I have been trying for ages to create an w8.1 media rescue USB of my 1Tbite main HD.

I finally created one & to make sure it worked (having failed to make a virtual disk) I tried to test it on my spare w10 500gb HD but, it did not install w8.1 saying "Not enough space".

As a few helpful people suggested, I deleted all 6 partitions & reformatted the whole 500gb as one partition &
installed W8 on it.

I created an w8.1 media rescue USB stick, plugged it in & set it as 1st boot in the Bios.

Then rebooted & the test worked & w8 was updated to w8.1.
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