IMAPI CD or Roxio service in Windows 7?

I want to disable my Roxio services on my new laptop, but I am unable to find the IMAPI CD service in Windows 7 (which, as I understand it, was the way to disable Roxio pre-Win7). Anyone know if they've been renamed? Or some other way to disable Roxio's services without uninstalling? Thanks!

Joe S

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I went into services and disabled Roxio HD Watcher and set other Roxio services to manual. I did have a start up error 7026 show in event log. This is how I fixed it What I did was take a copy of RxFilter.sys from C:\Windows\SysWOW64\drivers then pasted it into C:\Windows\System32\drivers

Well, that sounds perfect. Unfortunately, NO Roxio services appear in my list (I have "Routing and Remote Access" and "RPC Endpoint Mapper" on either side of where Roxio should appear). These services are appearing for you in Windows 7?

In addition, while I do have the C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64 folder, I do not have a RxFilter.sys file in it. I ran a search on C:\, and I do not even have any file named "RxFilter" anywhere.

I browsed every "Started" service, reading the Description, and found nothing that appears related.

I am not as familiar with user security on Windows 7 as on 2K and XP (been a couple years since I've done IT). Is it possible W7 is hiding things from me? I can't seem to find the security access that I remember from back in the day. Under Control Panel, User Accounts, the account type for my login is Administrator, but I can't find any of those really granular, specific permissions we always used to muck around with. Please advise.

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