Import emails into Mozilla Thunderbird... can it be done?


I've been trying for weeks to work out how to import from WindowsMail in Vista to Thunderbird in 7.

I've tried using the Thunderbird AddOn recommended by many sites, but that doesn't work.

I've tried it in Vista - no luck.

Is there any way to import my Mail files to Thunderbird?

Can anyone help with instructions.. it'd be much appreciated.




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If you access the Windows Mail from under your Win 7 system then Thunderbird should import as an option when you install it.


It doesnot do this automatically.

how can I manually do this?

I've tried everything.



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It's more or less automatic - if Thunderbird detects Windows Mail installed at the time you run the Thunderbird install it asks you if you want to import.

Not for me, any way to force it?

I'll try that.



One more thing

When I use Thunderbird and open a message, it opens in a tab. This has to be closed manually by clicking on the X.

On the other Mail Clients I’ve used, the message opens in a new window, and this can be closed by using the Keypad Shortcut. This sets of Alt F4. I have my mouse set up to Close on a click.

Is there any way that I can set up Thunderbird so that it too closes the opened message with the Close command?

Many thanks



you can do some configuration work in the Migration Assistant under Help (play around with that)

However, it all depends on your general View/Layout settings how TB behaves - why not enable the message-pane and you do not need to open any email... it will open automatically.

Here are some TB shorcuts:
Thunderbird Help: Keyboard Shortcuts


Will try....

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