Windows Vista Important Message To Laptop Vista Users Thinking Of Switching To Win 7


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If you have a laptop and are considering adopting a "Windows 7 OS" right now. It might be more prudent to hold off. Windows 7 has been labeled the biggest blood sucker of Lithium Batteries than any other "OS" that proceeded it.

There have been many complaints that Windows 7 effectively kills or renders batteries useless. Replacement batteries don't fix the problem, the same illness prevails. Are we all under a bad battery curse?

A spokeswoman for "Boston-Power Inc", a West-borough Mass.-based company that makes long-life "Lithium-ion batteries. Said that it is possible that the firmware in the PC's Bios, which boots the computer and utilizes the hard drive components. "If there is an issue with the passing of information between the firmware and the operating system, it might cause improper warnings issued by the OS", the spokeswoman said.

"Consider Replacing your battery" is new to Windows 7. But there have been older reports...

Microsoft has been investigating various reports and in cases where the notification appears, the battery is truly dead or dying. Can the new replacement batteries be bad as well ? There have also been complaints about "New Computers" with this same problem.

Microsoft said they are investigating debugging battery BIOS-Operating System Issues. "Very Complicated" was their response, because of variances in different laptop models. It is hard to identify the specific control involved.