Importing MS Outlook .tsp files into Windows 7


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I have limited tech knowledge but here's the issue:

I had a motherboard crash on a laptop running XP Home and wound up buying a new Gateway w/Windows 7. My backup data was on an external drive that was 3 years old, backed up using the NTBACKUP command. Windows 7 will not run NTBACKUP, so I had my cousin (a PC tech) transfer the data from the ext. drive to a DVD.

I've been able to get just about everything I needed from the DVD EXCEPT my Outlook e-mails, contacts and addresses. Using Outlook's import function wouldn't recognize the Outlook and Outlook Archive files on the ext drive, so I dragged them to a folder on my new desktop and unlocked them (they were read-only). Now, though I can't get Outlook import to let me highlight the specific files in the desktop folder (I CAN see them in the drive detail), I do try to complete the process at the folder level. That brings up a message saying it can't open the 'mail folder', so can I assume it's finding a folder that it can't open? BTW- the Outlook import function gives only 2 import source choices: Edurora and Outlook EXPRESS (no plain Outlook) so I choose OE.

This is the last data I really need to get from that backup and it's been frustrating. Next step is to pull the original drive and send it to my cousin to see if he can access the needed data better from the hard drive itself than he could from the backup drive.

Any help appreciated.

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