Windows 7 in explorer +/- instead of those crazy fading black/white triangles


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in the win7 explorer, those fading black and white triangle drive me nuts. You have to hover over them to see which folder has any subfolders. Typical case of let designers do a user-interface-experts job. +/- has been used by milions of people worldwide for decaded and is the interface standard in all sorts of software. Why on earth change that?

Anyway. I want +/- instad of fading in/out-black/white triangles (which make no sense at all). Like XP.


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ALso looking for at least larger triangles and non fading

What were they thinking?

Answer: they weren't

I'm joining this thread in the hopes that somebody finds a way to manipulate the Windows 7 Explorer.

Sometimes there are Control Panel settings that are hard to find, or items that are tied to odd Control Panel items (such as the "Tool Tip" font size).

But with the individual Control Panel settings pushed even farther into the background in Win7, maybe we're back to the good old MS-DOS days of hard-coded font sizes and oddball user interfaces.


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I have never realized it until now. and it doesn't really bother me. If you know where your files are on your computer you don't need any stupid +/- to show you the way.


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I finally found a program which replaces the windows explorer and does exactly what I want:
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It has +/- and tabs like any filemanager from this century should really have.


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Yeah :)
That and a whole list of other things that really bugged me on a daily basis about the explorer got all solved with this program.

- tabs
- flickering of the folders when opening a folder
- fading icons (so you could not see if there was an underlying folder)
- the 'folder up' button which disappeared after xp
- no sets of tabs can be saved
etc. etc.

Its a shame that windows still displays the windows explorer popup when selecting a file or do actions like 'save as'.