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    I bought an HP laptop and installed Windows 7, 64-bit in order to test it. I've noticed something rather annoying with the power options which may be a bug in the software that others are experiencing as well. Allow me to explain my situation:

    I use my laptop at work and connect an external keyboard, mouse and monitor to it. I point this out as, at the moment of this post, I have not tested to see if the problem I'll explain below, relates to an external monitor issue or something with the power options. I have disabled everything relating to sleep mode and even checked every single option under the advanced view to ensure all sleep/hibernate/shutdown options were disabled if possible.

    I have noticed a problem where after roughly 15 minutes of inactivity, my laptop will enter sleep mode. The external monitor is disabled (it remains on but the light goes yellow signifying a loss of signal from the PC) and mouse/keyboard movements do not bring it out of this sleep mode. It isn't until I open the laptop lid that the laptop snaps out of this pseudo sleep mode. I call it "pseudo" because I'm not sure it actually goes into sleep mode or merely disables my external monitor.

    If anyone is experiencing a similar issue as this or knows what could be causing it, please let me know. I checked all settings for my display adapter as well as the nVidia Control Panel and couldn't find anything that talks about idle external monitor settings. I appreciate your time on this.


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