Incompatable Pgm. Install Problem

I'm having a problem trying to install an old pgm (Web Edit Pro 2.0) to Win7 / Ultimate. Pgm. worked fine under XP. Did a clean install for Win7 to a new HD and can't install Web Edit Pro. Here's what I've done:
Pgm is on a .zip file (can't extract/install to HD "Incompatible w/ this ver. of Windows"). Extracted the .zip to a thumb drive and then put the extracted files into a temp. file on the HD.
Opened Troubleshooting / "run pgm mode for prev. ver of Windows" / "detecting issues" / nothing listed for the pgm & then clicked "not listed". Entered pgm's location (...WebEditPro 2.0\setup.exe) / Try recommended settings: "Settings Applied: WinXP (SP-2)" / "Start the Pgm". Pgm. doesn't open, nothing happens? What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanx.

Joe S

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What kind of program is it? Is it something that uses lots of resources? You might try XP Mode Windows XP Mode - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows Or if you have a useable copy of XP you could run on a virtual PC if your PC supports it. A good one is VMware Player VMware Communities: VMware Player It's free and now you can create the virtual PC from it.

Hi Joe. Thanx for the quick response. The pgm in question is an old HTML/Web Editor which I'm comfortable with. Not a terribly large resource hog. Will try your suggestions later this morning and see if I can get it going, failing this, I'll try MS Publisher. Cheers, rfb.

Joe, once again thanx for the help w/ this. Just D/L'ed & installed the materials via "Windows XP Mode - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows". Then installed the Web Edit Pro pgm. and it works great.
Greatly appreciate your assistance w/ this.
Cheers, rfb

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