Incompatible input devices? Wireless mouse and pen tablet

System: Win7 x64
Software: intellimouse 7, Wacom 6.1.2-5

I have had both my Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet and my Microsoft wireless optical mouse working at the same time before in Win7 x64, BUT - my screen saver and power saving features did not work.

I read that there was an issue with the stock wireless mouse drivers continually communicating with the computer and not letting the computer go idle (sleep mode, screen saver, etc). So I downloaded the latest Microsoft Intellimouse software for Win7 x64 and now my screen saver and sleep mode work fine.

But now my Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet will not work. If I uninstall the pen tablet and software, reboot, and re-install my pen tablet, it will work until I shut down again. Upon next boot, the pen tablet will not work anymore. The Wacom preferences will not load and when I touch the pen to the pad the pointer moves about 1 pixel and then stops. The Microsoft mouse will continue to work, but neither the pen nor the Wacom mouse will work.

Does anyone know what the problem could be here? It's like I have a choice: 1) have no screen saver, 2) use a wired mouse / no other mouse with the pen tablet, or 3) don't use a pen tablet. Choice 3 doesn't work for me because I use the pen for pro photography work. Choice 2 sucks because I really don't like the Intuos4 mouse. I prefer a regular mouse for regular stuff, and I like wireless. Choice 1 sucks because I leave my computer for long periods.


And it all worked swimmingly in XP. Screen saver, pen tablet, and wireless mouse. Is that expecting too much?

Removed Tablet PC components using "Turn Windows features on or off" and this seems to have fixed the problem.

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