Incorrect disk size.

My pc was running Xp and I had 2 hard drives installed, 1 for system stuff and the other backing up.
I removed the back-up drive and installed W7 on the main drive.
When I reconnected the back-up drive W7 doesn't see my files, it just sees a blank disk 127GB capacity.

I've tried to connect the drive up to my laptop(Xp) using a sata to USB adaptor, but I get the same problem.

The back-up drive is a Western digital 500GB internal drive, FAT32 formated.

Anyone got any ideas on how to access my files.


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Hmm... I think your easiest way is either re-install xp or find a friend still running it and is using FAT32 file system. Win 7 uses NTFS and so this is why it's not seeing your files. Once you can access the HDD you could always burn the files to DVD or CD for access at a later date..


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I don't know...Kemical my Win 7 install sees Fat 32 just fine.
Any Windows install regardless of file system should be able to access a Fat 32 partition\drive.

The fact that Steve has the same problem with an adapter and his XP laptop, suggests a problem with the drive itself.

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