Increase ram with System.ini real?

It looks like bull- um... baloney to me. I might have believed it apart from changing 386Enh to 3000Enh. 386 is the model number of a (very old) Intel processor. It's not a number that represents a quantity of something, so increasing it won't do anything to performance, it'll just be messing with a system file. I'm not certain it'd actually break your system, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't do it any good either.

Windows 98 was the last version of windows to actually read INI files....
They're included in newer versions because some old programs need them.



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I think I will also pass on this mod

Ahaha, is that a 16 bit application? probably not!

These commands added were old DOS commands to load-high ram!
So indeed it will work but only in DOS environments - maybe a round of Duke Nukem 2D?...was very famous!

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