Windows 7 Indexing NAS Drive for Libraries


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Jun 2, 2009
Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong or is this an area for improvement in the final version.

I really like the idea of Libraries. I have a LOT of photos and music on a NAS drive. Apparently, the only way to index the NAS drive is to make it available offline which, by definition, places all of its contents on the drive of the PC. The whole idea of the NAS is to NOT have to do that.

So, have I reached an incorrect conclusion? or is there a way to index the NAS without putting its content on my PC's drive?

Just wondering. It's not a big deal, but the Libraries seem like a great idea but they need to reach network drives more easily, unless, as I noted above, I've messed up the concept.

Thanks for any reply. :)

Bob Harris
Making all the files on the NAS that you want in your library must be available offline. There is no other way until your NAS or future NAS devices come up with indexing software for the device. It's unfortunate, I know. Libraries aren't all that anyway, you're not missing out
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